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simple Our methods work
dynamic Prospective business planning


Brilliant ideas and solutions to problems with the ability to communicate them clearly.


Certified Project Manager designing projects with the successful completion of the end goal in mind.


Smart, determined & a successful leader, but more than any word “resourceful” is the compliment most given.


More than fifteen years’ experience figuring out what ideas are worth spending time and money on.


    Suzanne Ricci

    Passionate about helping others reach their desired results.

    Since 2000, Suzanne has helped thousands of individuals grow their potential through customized success and career planning strategies. Her passion for helping others achieve their desired results is seen in everything she does.

    She is an accomplished entrepreneur, success coach, business consultant and book author.

Services Offered

In a group class or by private tutoring leadership training is designed to help you reach your true  potential. Cross over from being a manager and be the leader that inspires and others want to follow.
Live online and live instructor-led classes for many of the skills needed for careers on many regional targeted occupations lists.
Everyone needs a coach! All the greats have them and this includes the great coaches themselves. From planning to implementation, this service is designed to help you reach the level you desire.
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I believe it! Every great success starts with a plan. can help you start your Career Success Planning.
Entrepreneurship, career training, education, marketing, sales and operations. There are many topics to choose from. Send an email for more information.