Pros & Cons of Traditional Classroom Training

Computer TrainingWe know we need to continue our education to continue on our paths toward success. Every year we hear “invest at least 10% of your salary back in to your career.” Success strategists agree continuing your education is a must. Now a days there are many different types of training options all around us. You have seminars online and live, you have traditional training classes or online live training classes, self-paced training classes, correspondence classes and more. Each has its list of pros and cons. This post will focus on the pros and cons of traditional classroom training.


The Pros

  1. Gives you a dedicated time and place to be so you have no excuses to not show up and learn
  2. Gets the information transferred within a set time period
  3. Has the highest success and completion rates of all types of training
  4. Interaction with trainers and like-minded students

The Cons

  1. Generally, more expensive then self-paced online learning options
  2. Requires homework and studying be completed on a rigged schedule
  3. If you miss class, makeup is more difficult unless the class has a taped class or make-up schedule available
  4. Moves at the pace of the average class member

Personally, I prefer traditional classroom training. It ensures I get the education within a dedicated time frame. Be realistic when selecting training options that fit your needs and lifestyle.

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